The events and exhibitions industry has always been a vibrant space, bustling with energy, interactions, and experiences. However, the advent of technology has significantly transformed this space, introducing a plethora of innovations that have not only enhanced the experience for attendees but also provided event organisers with tools to execute events more efficiently and effectively.

The Rise of Event Technology

Event Technology Exhibition 2023 (ETE) is a testament to the rapid advancements in event technology, showcasing a myriad of technologies and equipment that have revolutionised event organisation. Held at the GEM Center, one of the cities with the highest event organisation rate, ETE 2023 highlighted technologies such as 3D mapping, laser mapping, interactive LEDs, holograms, and virtual reality, providing attendees with a multi-dimensional and immersive experience.

The Impact of COVID-19 and the Digital Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the events and exhibitions industry, necessitating a swift pivot towards virtual and hybrid events. The digital revolution that ensued has altered the way we connect, communicate, and conduct events, with a surge in the adoption of digital platforms to facilitate online networking and engagement. The integration of virtual reality, holograms, and interactive LEDs has enabled organisers to create immersive experiences for attendees, even in a virtual space.

Sustainable and Net-Zero Exhibitions

In the realm of manufacturing exhibitions, there is a notable shift towards sustainability and net-zero emissions. Africa, for instance, is adopting low-carbon technologies and transitioning to renewable energy sources in the manufacturing sector. Exhibitions in this sector are now focusing on showcasing these initiatives, integrating sustainability best practices to meet targets for emission reduction, and catering to the international market’s demand for green goods and services.

Online Hiring Platforms and Virtual Connectivity

The evolution of online hiring event platforms is another noteworthy trend, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. Platforms that facilitate online hiring events have become pivotal, providing a virtual space where employers and potential employees can connect seamlessly. These platforms leverage various technologies to facilitate interactions, interviews, and hiring processes in a virtual environment, ensuring that organisations can continue to recruit talent even amidst global disruptions.

Future Prospects and Challenges

While the adoption of technology in the events and exhibitions industry has been largely positive, it is not without its challenges. Issues such as technological disparities, access to high-speed internet, and the need for technical know-how are barriers that need to be addressed. Moreover, as the industry continues to evolve, staying abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and attendee expectations will be paramount for success.


The integration of technology into the events and exhibitions industry has undeniably reshaped the landscape, offering enhanced experiences, streamlined operations, and new opportunities for engagement. As we navigate through the digital age, the continuous exploration and adoption of innovative technologies will be crucial in driving the industry forward, ensuring it remains vibrant, relevant, and engaging.

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